Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015


I build the great new Barn out of SVGcuts new Barn Party SVG Kit. I reduced it to 75% and cut it out of some Designer Cardstock.I wanted the Barn to be a good solid German Brick Wall Barn ( SCHEUNE ).

For all the extra decoration i used Files out of 6 different SVGcuts Kits.The only things that are not from SVGcuts is the 3d Ladder ( from a friend) and the Storch (3d sticker)
I glued transparent Paper behind the windows so you can illuminate it with a LED light in the evening.

To top it of i build a storch nest out of the corn stalk file.
Say hello to my storch ADEBAR .
The six Sets are Maison de Madeline SVG Kit the rooster.
April Avenue SVG Collection the Broom .  Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit the Pumkin wagon.Fall Harvest SVG Kit the Crow.Garden Nouveau SVG Kit the watering can.Doggie Pals SVG Collection Part 1 the German Sheppard Dog.