Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013


I will show you what i entered into the spring Challenge from SVGCUTS.com.
 You could use SVGs from six SVG Kits out of there wunderful selection.I used SVGs out of the 
3D Flower Kit and the Toil and Trouble Kit .
I cut the Base of the Teelight Lamp out of the Lid of the tall Apothecary Jar and send it through my cuttlebug in the distressed stripes folder.
I fixed self adhesive Metalborder on the Bottom.
Then i cut the lampshade out of the Bottom of the small Apothecary Jar.To make the light shine through i used little flower shapes out of the Extrafolder of the 3D Flower Kit and cut the holes.Nice Border and Bling Bling to it and glued to the lampbase.
 The Pansys are out of the 3D Flower Kit .the next picture shows you the lampe 
with the electronic Teelight on.
I had so much fun building a new little creation out of the Files. 
                                         HUGS Elke 

Montag, 18. Februar 2013


I got inspired by Laura Hayden of A Girl on the Park Blog to make this really awesome 3D Hotair Ballon .
I altered the Teapot from the Tea for you and Me SVG Kit from SVGCUTS.com 
and cut it in 8.5 inches out of plain cardstock on my Silhouette Cameo.
The paneles are cut from German Designer cardstock.Then i glued self adhesive Metal border around the edges and Prima Flowers on all the Glue areas from the ropes.
The Basket is made out of the Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit from SVGCUTS.com
I cut the Bushel Basket out of plain cardstock and send it through my cuttlebug in 
a Distressed Stripes Folder .When i hang it up i will put a little LED lightchain in the Basket it will make it shine so bright in the evenings.
 It will light up my Parents in Laws Livingroom so i have to make one more for myself.
HUGS Elke 

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013


The 3D High Heel from SVGCUTS.com is just a super cute one ! You find it in the LOVE Always SVG Kit.
You can use it for so many Occasions .I cut my Base of the shoe out of white Cardstock 
on my Silhouette Cameo.The Panels are cut from light green Glitter Cardstock from DCWV.It makes it so noble. After assembling the shoe i cut Chrome Vinyl for the interior to give it a cool insole.
For the Border around i took some  iridescent Ribbon.

To get some more Decoration onto the shoe, i cut a flourish shape out of my Silhouette Shop out of Chrome Vinyl  and glued it all the way around the Heel and the sides.

 To finish it of and give it the Glamour it needs i glued Rhinestones over it Yeaaaaahh.
Iam not sure if i give it away i think it will go onto my Shelf :~))
HUGS Elke 

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013


Today i made a quick little Gift Toolbox.It is never easy to get a gift for MEN but with SVGcuts.com iam always save to find something.
I took the Toolbox out of the My Day with Dad SVG Kit
and cut it out of plain cardstock on my Silhouette Cameo.
After sending it through my Cuttlebug to get the Metall texture and then i glued it together.
I decided to cut the word and the tool out of Metallic cardstock it makes it look like real tools.
I will fill it with some golden Chocolade :~)) i need my 
real tools myself. 
And now iam of to go shopping at Blitsy i just saw some nice tools there to get.I will show you next time what i got myself.

Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013


Today i tried a cute Idea out of my Silhouette Cameo Group in Germany.My Friend needed some earrings for her Carnivals costume a SNOWQUEEN ! So i had to cut them for her.I glued four layers white Vinyl together and cut it with my Silhouette Cameo out of a Snowflake File from there Shop. 
Earring Hooks on them and some Bling Bling in the middle and it will be a great party yeaaaahh !

I think i will make some more they sooooo cool.

Montag, 4. Februar 2013


I would like to show you the Tealight 3 D JUKEBOX from SVGcuts.com  super cool  Rockin and Rollin SVG Kit.I made for a 50th Birthday !
I build it last year and would like to show you on my Blog now.
I cut it from plain cardstock and lots of Glitter and Mirror cardstock.Yellow,red and green Vellum. 

The records are covered with black Vinyl and the writing is made of red Vinyl.I used transparent Plastic film to cover the Records area and the title search area.Some red Brads and some gold Ribbon.Oh and for some of the parts i used 3D Foam to give it a bid more dimension.

You can fill it with Batterie Tealights .It is a cute Vintage gift to take to 
a Party. HUGS   Elke