Montag, 31. Dezember 2012


In the new year, I wish YOU ♥ 12 awesome months, 52 happy weeks, 365 charming days, 8760 unique hours, 525600 unforgettable minutes and 31536000 breathtaking seconds ♥ ~~Im neuen Jahr wünsche ich EUCH ♥ 12 frohe Monate, 52 glückliche Wochen, 365 bezaubernde Tage, 8760 einmalige Stunden, 525600 unvergessliche Minuten und 31536000 atemberaubende Sekunden ♥ ~~En el nuevo año, les deseo ♥ 12 meses felices, 52 semanas, 365 días felices con encanto, frente a 8760 horas, minutos 525600 y 31536000 segundos inolvidables impresionantes ♥

Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012


From Home to Home & Heart to Heart from one Place to another.
The warmth & joy of Christmas bring us closer to each other

Von Haus zu Haus und Herz zu Herz von einem Ort zum anderen.
Die Wärme und Freude von Weihnachten bringt uns einander näher

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012


Three Days in a row yeahhhh ! I made this awesome 3D Elf shoe from SVGCUTS  
Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit.
I cut it on my Silhouette Cameo out of DCWV Cardstock.

The Deco ist some super soft fluffy Wool and some little Jinglebells.A little Elf on the Shelf out of the Shadowframe Kit DONE!!

Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012


One more project to show , i need to get my Christmas Decoration going.So today i made a Santa Sleigh from SVGcuts Santa's Visit SVG Kit from last year.

I cut the cardstock on my Silhouette Cameo and decorated it with lots of cute embellishments.
I then filled it with a Mini Poinsettia with some Stickles on it.
So iam of to the next X-mas Deco !!!
Hugs Elke

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012


Hi everybody long time no Post .But i been a way for a few weeks on a health rehab vacation and i feel a bid better now.
I needed to make this super cute Snow Village from SVGcuts.com out of the
Santa`s Village SVG Kit .

I made the three little Houses on there Boxes.

 The Church made out of German Designpaper lots of Snow and Glitter and white 
fluffy wool  around it.To finish it of some Glas Bling Bling.

 The Barn is made of German Designpaper, Snow and Glitter.The Box got some Rhinestones glued on.

 The little House is made of German Designpaper ,Snow and Glitter and some pink
liquid pearls.To finish this Box i glued  iridescent Ribbon around it.
I hope i will bee showing you some more Christmas deco soon .

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012


I needed to make this great 3D Nutcracker today.I saw this new Claras Christmas Eve SVG  Kit at SVGcuts.com and just had to make one.
I cut the cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo.For some parts i used Scrapbook paper und Mirror cardboard.
The rest Deco is golden Ribbon and golden Bling Blings !!

I will try the other cute Svgs out of the Set now and will show you soon .

Montag, 17. September 2012


I created two Perfume Bottles. SVGcuts.com got this really cool new Halloween Set 
Toil and Trouble SVG Kit.
I decided to make Shabby Chic Perfume Bottles out of the Apothecary Jars instead of the
Halloween Poison Bottles.

The white and cream pearly glossy cardstock for the base of the bottles i cut on my Silhouette Cameo.The panels on the bottles are from the Brenda Walton Somerset Paper Kit.
The labels i done a print & cut with some free Perfume Vintage Labels.Some Distress ink around and made them look older.

The rest of the decoration are self adhesive Lace ,golden silhouette stickers ,
a big  crystal stone on Top and some small vintage paper Roses.
And all over to bling it up with some STICKLES.
So and now on to new adventures HUGS  Elke

Samstag, 15. September 2012


Hello i got a Halloween Wreath to show to you today.I used a styrofoam wreath and tied orange and black fluffy wool around it.
To hang it up i took black Tulle and made a little Bow on the Top. I cut DCWV Halloween and Fall Cardstock on my Silhouette Cameo for the Decoration. The two SVG Kits are from  SVGcuts.com the new Toil an Trouble Kit and Elmhurst Hollow 

This Wreath will go on my Frontdoor.I think i will make one more with creepy decoration on it.So until then bye and HUGS Elke

Sonntag, 5. August 2012


Today i would like to show you my newest project.It is the cool 3D Countdown Box from Lori Whitlock of the Silhouette Online Store..I decided to build a 10 x 10 inch Adventcalender for a Man.
I designed the panels with the numbers on in my Silhouette Designer Software.I took lots of free Vintage PIN UP Girl pictures and the numbers ( Font Comic Sans MS) and made them to print & cut Files.

The base box i cut out of plain cardboard and decorated with Metal cardboard .
For the corners i used silver card Candis they look like Brads.The little boxes are plain white cardstock.
Since iam German and we have our Christmas on the 24th i didnt need a box with 25 on.It will be two boxes for the 24th with a little special Pin up girl and two sweets.
HUGS  Elke

Freitag, 3. August 2012


Today i decided to join the Autumn Challenge at SVGcuts.com .So i took the Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit .I stayed with just this Set to make this 8 inch big Pumkin Lamp.
I cut the base of orange Cardstock after i altered the Base of the Pumpkin with the 
Flower center on my Silhouette Cameo .The holes i got then i covered with yellow transparent Paper from the inside.
 The Lid ,the Leaves and the Stem i send through my Cuttlebug to get some nice 
Texture.The curlys i made out of green plastic covered wire and cardstock.
 The Corn Flowers i made out of the flowers in the Set in putting cut Lines in them to 
split the petals.Then to give it a little more Autumn look i glued 3 leather buttons to the Lid.
Some Metal Swirls on the outside of the Lid to finish it off.

For the outside of the Base i glued some orange fine unwoven fabric instead of the accent panels to it.
I used a LED Light Chain and filled it with Organza Material to cover it up.
So now i will hop over to SVGcuts to get it in the Challenge.
HUGS    Elke

Donnerstag, 2. August 2012


It's been a few days that i posted something, sorry but i think i got a Craft blockade at the moment.I hope it will be over soon but until then i will show you a project i made a few month ago.It is a cute Baby shower gift Box from SVGcuts.com   Peony Cottage SVG Kit.

I cut the Peony Cottage Box out of German Designer Cardstock .The Decorations are
some 3D Sticker for a sweet little Baby Boy. I used creme color Ribbon all the way 
around the Gutter.I filled it with a little gift for the new Little Baby.

I hope this will help you over my little Blockade.I try to get my self back in the 
Craft Mode soon .xox


Montag, 25. Juni 2012


When i saw the Ferris Wheel from SVGcuts.com   Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit .I just had to make it.I decided to size it down to  8 x 8 inches .

Since i like my mirror cardboard i cut everything out of it.It gives it a nice Metal look.And with a few candles near it at night time a lovley shine to it..The liner piece inside and the panels on the cars i send through my Cuttlebug.On the Base i used silver Brads to keep it together and they look like real rivets.
I didnt have any wooden Dowels at hand.But since i made it in Mini i cut  shish kebab rods for the Wheel and the cars.Some metal embellishments on the front done !!
HUGS Elke 

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012


Ok everybody i got a real cute FREEBIE Silhouette Studio Cutting File for you.
My very good friend Nataliia from Stampika.com made this great 3 D Beach Chair out of a PDF File into a Silhouette Studio Cutting File for free and your personal use only.
With the friendly permission of the Designer Meike  who is a Design team member of this great Anitas Blog where i got my first Beach Chair.You can download the File on Nataliias Blog under the word HIER.

Now i can cut it on my Silhouette Cameo all the Time and it is so much faster.Nataliia even made a video how to build it.Ok in German but you can see how to and the file got inscriptions in german and english.  
Thank you sooooo much Nataliia.

 I used german Design Cardstock for it again.

One more picture so you can see it from the side.

I hope you will have lots of fun building your own.And if you have any problems
iam here.
Hugs Elke

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012


I made a Birthday card for the 65th Birthday of my Uncle.One of his favorite records is Sheila from Tommy Roe.So it had to be this one.

I used the Rockin & Rollin SVG Kit from SVGcuts.com.I made a 6 x 6 inch print & cut layer for the Record cover .Then cut ,build and distressed it with disstress ink to give it the real old look.I cut the record shaped Card on my Silhouette Cameo out of black Cardstock .To get the real look i decided to cut the second layer out of glossy black Vinyl and the middle layer out of matt vinyl.

The middle label is a print & cut i created out of the cover i made before.The sleeve cover is just plain white cardstock distressed as well to get it look like lots of people touched it.
My Uncle loved his card very much. First he thought it was a real music CD i made for him.And we all had a good laugh when he realized it was only a card.


Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012


Hello everybody i have to share a really cute project i been waiting to make for a long time.I always wanted to get one of this German Strandkorb --roofed wicker beach chairs to build.
Since i can`t get one as an SVG file for my Silhouette Cameo i had to make it by HAND !
I found this cool German Blog with the Templates for free.Thank you very much! There is a link on the end of the post with a E-mail adress to ask for it # only German PDF file #.

So this is what came out of it.A 5 x 5 inch Strandkorb! I used really strong beige cardstock for the base .

For the layers and the Footboxes i used dark brown .I cut german Design Scapbook cardstock for the complete decoration.

The Roof is fixed with big white Brads and the Footboxes with little blue Brads.For the side handles i took small Eyelets and red and white Twine i fixed onto blue cardboard.

I would love to have this as a cutting file !!!But for now iam a Handmade crafter LOL !
HUGS Elke 

Montag, 21. Mai 2012


Iam so happy with the outcome of this cute Beautycase i made for a 14th Birthday tomorrow .I used the three Cutting files out of Ryan`s Play Date SVG Kit and Attic Treasure SVG Kit and Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit from  SVGcuts.com
I cut the Base out of silver Glitter Mirror Cardstock and the Panels out of Purple Glitter Mirror Cardstock.

I build a little Tray to go in the Box for small Make up.I glued two Panels for the Tray i made from the Crate out of the Caramel Apple Pie Kit inside.

To get the Handle to hold i used three various colors Brads.The lid got some 3D Butterfly Sticker on it.And for the Front i used 3D Beauty Sticker from Holland.

I hope the little Lady will like her new Beauty case in her favorite Colors.
I know my Granddaughter loves it and wants one is well so of i go to make another one.

Montag, 14. Mai 2012


It is time for a new Post from me.I had fun with a great new Svg file from SVGcuts.com the awesome TEA For You and Me SVG Kit.
I build the 3D Teapot and the 3D Cup with the Spoon from  that Set.

I cut the base out of pearlized Cardstock.It looks like porcelain.The panels are from German Glitter Designer Paper.The inside panels of the cup are pearlized cardstock.
I glued Ribbon around the bottom of the Pot and the Cup to give it a finished Look.
The Spoon is made out of golden Mirror Cardboard and decorated with little rolled  
To finish it all of i glued lots of Bling Bling on everything.

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012


I made a gift for a Teenager she will get a Shopping Weekend in London so i decided to make a gift box with a Union Jack on it.So she can use it as a Keepsake box for all her Travel Keepsakes.

The Heart shaped Box is from the Silhouette online store.I cut it out of off white strong Cardstock.
The Union jack is a pixeltrace i made on MTC. I cut it out of red and blue cardstock.
I cut the top layer of the heart out again and glued the pieces from the Flag on it.
After that i glued red and blue Rhinestones  on it is well.

I finished it of with white thick twisted cord around the edge.
I hope she will have a great Time in London and get some awesome Memories. 

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012


Hello my EUROPIAN Friends i would like to let you know that my very good Friend Nataliia from Stampika.com has a Big Sale on.
It would be great if you go and have a Look in her Shop!!!

Thank you HUGS Elke

Mittwoch, 25. April 2012


Ok one of my Neighbors just had a Baby Boy.I wanted to make a cute gift for them.After going through my SVG Files i stopped at the 3D Letterers Kit  from SVGcuts.com. I then cut the Letters out of some cream colored heavy cardstock on my Silhouette cameo.The Face panel Letters i cut from some German Design Cardstock.
I cut the Face panel Letters twice to glue one on the backside ,that will give them the chance to decorate the Letters as a Centerpieces on a Table.DONT FORGET TO MIRROR THE SECOND ONES BEFORE CUTTING. The Decorations are some plastic Mini cars and a 3D Light Up Sticker from K&Company.A little Ribbon and Button to finish it off.I hope the Neighbors will like them. HUGS Elke


I mentioned to my Friend Nataliia the other day that i would like one of this cute little Magic Boxes.So what did she do for me ok for everybody she designd a cutting File.THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It is a FREEBIE for everybody on her BLOG Stampika.blogspot.de It is in German but if you look to the left on her page there is a translation Button have fun .
So now to my Box. I cut the Base and the drawers out of cream pearlised cardstock on my Silhouette Cameo. The Panels for the drawers and the outside i cut from DCWV the Luxerystack cardstock.
To finish it up i glued golden Card Candi on the corners they look like golden Brads.
Thank you Nataliia i had so much fun making this cute Box .HUGS Elke

Freitag, 20. April 2012


Its Time to show you a new Project i made today.A Birthday gift for Saturday. We are invited to a Party.So i decided to make a Tea Bag Dispencer Box and a Candy Dispencer Box.
To make the Tea Bag Dispencer Box i cut the File from Silhouette Online Store bigger as normal. I learned how to alter the original File out of a Tutorial from my crafty Friend Nataliia from Stampika.THANK YOU ! The Candy Dispencer Box i cut the original size. I used silver Metal cardboard for the Boxes.To decorate them i cut the panels from DCWV The Dots,Stripes & Plaids Stack cardstock.I thought the colors go with every Kitchen.I rounded the Corners and glued Card Candi on to make it look like Silver Brads.
I filled Teabags in and a little Envelope with the Money.In the Candy Dispencer Box i filled brown Candy Sugar.Some red Ribbon to keep it together and Foil around it to finish it up. So of to the Party tomorrow Yippee !!!HUGS Elke

Freitag, 13. April 2012


Today is Friday the 13th and it is a LUCKY DAY for GABY one of the commentators on my Blog opening Giveaway from the 25th February. I can´t reach The Winner Bobbi for the 20 DOLLAR GIFTCARD from SVGcuts Sorry Bobbi. SO I DECIDED to give someone else the chance to win ! And the WINNER is :
GABY please send me your E-mail adress so i can send it to Leo from SVGcuts and you can get your Gift. Thank you for playing along everybody.HUGS Elke

Donnerstag, 12. April 2012


Today i would like to show you a Baby Keepsake Book Box i made. I got myself the cutting File 3D Book Box from Lori Whitlock out of the Silhouette online Store.
I cut all parts on my Silhouette Cameo with my MTC Software out of German Design Cardstock. To make the inside go with the Cover of the Book i used the same Cardstock and glued it in the bottom.
For the Dekoration i took a 3D Embellishment,some Baby Brads and some cute Baby Confetti with half pearls on them.
To finish the Book of i glued cream colored Ribbon around the inside and made a Lock with a little blue BLING BLING ! HUGS Elke