Samstag, 18. Februar 2012


So this is it ! I am officially arrived in BLOGGERLAND !
I been bragging with my craft projects on Facebook and I enjoyed it.
BUT !!!!
I want to start a new adventure now. ~~ BLOGGING ~~

I will carry on crafting and share my projects with you and would love
to get some feedback from this great Craft community.
To start of i would like to show you my very first project i crafted with
my first cutting machine about a year ago.It changed my little craftworld
i was hibernating in.

I needed a gift for my parents in law.So i looked in my stash and found
a metall basin.I filled it with florist foam.
In the meantime i found online the great Shop SVGcuts.com I got the 3D Flowers SVG file Set.I cut them out of plain cardstock
and build them up.Then completed the arrangement and took pictures.The gift
was a full success :~))

I then started to join the SVGCuts Forum.There i participated in a challenge
that Thienly from Modpaperie.com
It was so much fun that i ended up looking for more.( Dont we all do ! )
I opend up my Facebook page and send in my projects to Blog challenges and
started to win cool goodies.
And the BEST part was i made lots of very nice new friends.
So i hope this new adventure will bring me even more fun.

Thank you for visiting



  1. Welcome to Bloggerland! I love your flower arraigement, you did a great job!! I've been a fan on Facebook for awhile. I've just finished updated my blog, come check it out sometime.

  2. love your flowers.. question if I may.. how did you get the flowers to look like they have stems? Best of Luck with the blog!

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu neue Blog!
    Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spass und Erfolg damit.
    LG Nataliia

  4. Thank you everybody iam happy to see you here!
    sdelong1228 i will check your blog out soon Thanks.
    Judy sorry i really forgot to write it down.
    I used green straws cut them the length i needed them,
    then cut small slots in the top bend them open und glued
    them to the bottom.I hope that explains it.