Montag, 10. Dezember 2012


Hi everybody long time no Post .But i been a way for a few weeks on a health rehab vacation and i feel a bid better now.
I needed to make this super cute Snow Village from SVGcuts.com out of the
Santa`s Village SVG Kit .

I made the three little Houses on there Boxes.

 The Church made out of German Designpaper lots of Snow and Glitter and white 
fluffy wool  around it.To finish it of some Glas Bling Bling.

 The Barn is made of German Designpaper, Snow and Glitter.The Box got some Rhinestones glued on.

 The little House is made of German Designpaper ,Snow and Glitter and some pink
liquid pearls.To finish this Box i glued  iridescent Ribbon around it.
I hope i will bee showing you some more Christmas deco soon .

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