Sonntag, 16. August 2015


Today i would like to show you my new Craft Room Yippiiiii.
I needed a change so the last days was hard work.( not really it was Fun as well )
My Best Husband and i build a new Craftroom space for me. I wanted it to be mainly white so Ikea it was.
The 2 Paper shelfs are Kitchen Cupoards ( METOD )
with 10 extra Boards put in each.The other Shelfs are (KALLAX) with extra Boards build in for more Space.

The Tabletops are two Table Boards build together.
I will start crafting again soon so stay tuned .HUGS Elke
                           After we finished !!


  1. Please tell your husband, it looks wonderful! For you, I am very happy and envious! An organized work space is a real blessing, enjoy and create.