Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012


Hello everybody i have to share a really cute project i been waiting to make for a long time.I always wanted to get one of this German Strandkorb --roofed wicker beach chairs to build.
Since i can`t get one as an SVG file for my Silhouette Cameo i had to make it by HAND !
I found this cool German Blog with the Templates for free.Thank you very much! There is a link on the end of the post with a E-mail adress to ask for it # only German PDF file #.

So this is what came out of it.A 5 x 5 inch Strandkorb! I used really strong beige cardstock for the base .

For the layers and the Footboxes i used dark brown .I cut german Design Scapbook cardstock for the complete decoration.

The Roof is fixed with big white Brads and the Footboxes with little blue Brads.For the side handles i took small Eyelets and red and white Twine i fixed onto blue cardboard.

I would love to have this as a cutting file !!!But for now iam a Handmade crafter LOL !
HUGS Elke 


  1. This turned out really cute and so unique.

  2. That's awesome, and the fact that you did it by hand... WOW... I did want to mention, that if you have it in pdf format you can actually import the pages into Studio and do traces and add score lines etc, might be easier to hand cut but you could turn it into a file for your Cameo.

  3. Thank you all for the nice comments i am happy to see you all in my little crafty corner!
    Candi i wanted to trace it in my studio but it didnt work for me.It is only a rough handdrawn sketch on the Pdf file.But when i get a bid better on the software i will try to do it myself.
    But for now it was ok to cut by Hand again.